Choosing Tack for the Dressage Horse

Choosing Tack for the Dressage Horse

Choosing Tack for the Dressage Horse


Dressage is a riding discipline that praises train, effortlessness, style, and magnificence. It is a riding discipline that is made significantly more delightful by its effortlessness.


At the point when it comes to furnishing the dressage rider, less is better. A rider contending in the lower levels ought to wear all around cleaned dark chase or field boots. They ought to have put resources into a couple of britches. A perfect white shirt ought to be worn with a neckline and a stock stick. Covering the white shirt ought to wear a dull shaded coat.

The riders hands ought to be shrouded in dim shaded gloves that will help camouflage the development of the riders hands. On the off chance that the rider has long hair is ought to be gotten together and tucked perfectly outside of anyone’s ability to see. On the riders head ought to be a dark cap. On the off chance that the rider is a lesser rider, younger than eighteen, numerous show boards require that the rider’s protective cap should meet ASTM/SEI measures and have an affixed bridle. Unless the rider is on board a hot steed (brave steed with an exorbitant measure of go) the rider ought to have a couple of goads which help spruce up the rider’s leg.


A rider contending in the lower levels of dressage should ensure their stallions tack takes after indistinguishable straightforward rules from the rider’s attire. Before entering the opposition the steeds coat ought to be perfect and all around prepared. Some time before leaving for the demonstrate the rider ought to have pulled their stallions mane and on the morning of the show they ought to have plaited the abbreviated, diminished mane into a few clean meshes, on the off chance that they have a steed with a decent enduring headset they can wrap the twists with white sticky tape, at the lower levels of rivalry twists are not really required but rather they are an indication of regard. The tail ought to be left castigated.

The stallion’s hooves ought to be cleaned with either clear or dark foot clean. The stallions bit ought to be a straightforward snaffle, control bits are not adequate in dressage rivalries, the bit can exclude any copper. The bit ought to be appended to a plain calfskin harness. On the stallions back their ought to be a cowhide saddle. At the lower levels of rivalry, the rider can pick between a dark or darker-hued seat and they have the alternative of utilizing a dressage saddle or a dressage saddle. Under the seat their ought to be a seat cover, the cover can be dark or white and be either a square slice or can be formed to take after the line of the seat.


Once a rider has achieved the upper levels of dressage rivalry there are a couple of unobtrusive changes in their show clothing. FEI decides to require that they wear a couple of white britches. Chase coats are never again permitted, riders are required to wear the more drawn out, more exquisite shad tummy. In spite of the fact that there is no manage restricting the wearing of a protective cap, most riders wear a derby style cap. Dark gloves are supplanted with white gloves.


Much the same as the riders demonstrate garments there are a few changes made in the steeds tack. The harness must be made of dark cowhide, in the steed’s mouth, there ought to be two bits in the stallions mouth, a snaffle bit and a check bit. A whip is never again permitted in the rivalry. The steed must be twisted. The seat must be a dressage style cut and be made of dark


cowhide. A few riders have included a gem-encrusted temples band to spruce up a plain stallions head.

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