Horses Seattle Slew

Horses Seattle Slew

Horses Seattle Slew

In the short rundown of triple crown champs, this horse must be one of the greatest deals in dashing history. We’re alluding to the baffle of a ponder, Seattle Slew.


The narrative of this horse is simply one more indication of how strange the game of stallion dashing can be and how eccentric it can likewise be. Everywhere throughout the dashing business moguls were spending little fortunes attempting to breed the best horses they could in the expectations of leaving endlessly with a champ. While this frantic spending was going on a couple of companions got together and burned through $17,500 to purchase Seattle Slew when he was only one year old. You wouldn’t feel that sort of cash would get you a lot of anything. Be that as it may, these companions saw their speculation go-ahead to wind up plainly a triple crown champ and furthermore go-ahead to be one of the best stallions in the twentieth century.


Seattle Slew was the child of Bold Reasoning and My Charmer. The horse was brought along gradually in his vocation by a youthful mentor named William H. Turner. He was the most established horse in history to make his two-year-old lady race which was on September 20, 1976, at Belmont Park. Out of twelve stallions in the field, he went off as a 2.6 to 1 top pick. He led the pack rapidly and won the race by five lengths.


Strangely, Seattle Slew began only two more races as a two-year-old. He won a stipend race on October 5 and after that won the Champagne Stakes eleven days after the fact by an incredible 9 and 3/4 lengths. After that race individual were at that point discussing regardless of whether he would be the following triple crown victor in only a long time since Secretariat in 1973.


Once more, once Seattle Slew hit three years old, his mentor brought things moderate with him, not beginning him in his initial race as a three-year-old until March 9, 1977. That race was in Hialeah where he won by nine lengths. On March 26 he at that point won again at the Flamingo Stakes by four lengths. At long last, he won the Wood Memorial Stakes on April 23 by 3 and 1/4 lengths.


When the Kentucky Derby came around on May 7, in view of his past exhibitions, Seattle Slew was the staggering most loved to win going off at 1 to 2. Unexpectedly, the race was almost a calamity for Slew when he swerved and was pointedly taken by the move. He was permitted to take an early lead along these lines yet that brought about him tiring down the extent that turned into a 3 horse race. Slew managed to hold tight and win by 1 and 3/4 lengths.


At the Preakness, after two weeks, things were fundamentally the same as the Derby as Slew was engaged with a genuine stallion race however figured out how to hold tight to win by 1 and 1/2 lengths. Right now individuals were beginning to stress that he would miss the mark in the Belmont. Be that as it may, Slew didn’t frustrate. The Belmont was a totally unique story and Slew went ahead to win by four lengths.


The triumph made him the tenth triple crown victor as well as the main undefeated triple crown champ. Slew, at last, resigned toward the finish of the 1978 season.

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